Design is neither
luxury nor art.
It's our collective environment & experiences.

It’s our everyday choices that simplify and enhance the quality of life on earth.

Pollution is not the price we need to pay for prosperity.
It is a massive resource that can be harnessed for common good.

400+ leaders
6 sectors for a massive change
a $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollar opportunity.
18 winners of
the massive design challenge

win up to $250,000 as incubation or kickstart funding.

Decided by Public Vote, Delegate Vote and an Expert Jury Panel.

This could be a chance 

You can make a difference.



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Design Entries for 2019

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Water &



EV's &
Energy Storage

The MASSIVE Earth Summit 2018 is the world’s largest private sector environment movement.

It is an open house that brings together 
400+ global political leaders, business leaders, academicians, economists, social thought leaders, innovators, communities and organizations 


Let’s design a world we would wish to live in ourselves. 

Do you have what it takes to solve the world's biggest challenges ?

We are looking for products, prototypes and concepts that are super smart, sustainable, inclusive and progressive. Anyone can change the world - from organisations and institutions to professionals, students, volunteers and all citizens!

If the public, delegates & our jury love your work, you could be the next Start-up we will kickstart, fund or incubate.

There will be 18 winners in 6 sectors -
6 winners in these sectors win chance of a 7 week designathon and start-up funding of upto $250,000.
6 winners each win the chance for an incubation, and
6 winners for a kickstart.

More details on the massive design challenge


Taj Palace, New Delhi

6th June 2018

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do massive

We believe the needs of the world around us is an open challenge. It calls for us to design solutions that can drive and enhance social, economic and ecological change.

If you're up for 7 weeks of an intense deep dive into your idea involving debates with founders and experts, attending inter-disciplinary workshops driven by design thinking and collaborative research driven by technology and technical know-how while simultaneously going about the daily fare of preparing business plans, pitching your start-up idea or organisation, arriving at the right valuation, etc – you could walk away with funding of up to $250,000. 



If you believe,you canchange the world.

So let’s jointly shift the momentum of rebuilding the world around us by optimising resources and technology so that we don’t leave the environment or the man on the last mile behind.


Incredible ideas often remain undiscovered because of poor access to capital and the lack of a solid backing that can help them transition into the big league. Not anymore.
We are the place where there are no barriers for organisations that want to change the world with concepts that are near completion or already in the market.

So whether its funds, domain expertise or ground experience in collaborating with inter-disciplinary teams, we can help you build your organisation in harmony brick by brick.

The Go Massive Designathon might be exactly what you are looking for.



Institutions & academia shape the world in unbelievable ways. The seeds of many great ideas and discoveries germinate here. But there is a vast disconnect between industry, academia and policy. We want to bridge this gap.

So if your institution wants to bring the right people together and nurture a creative, collaborative and contemporary culture that brings incredible ideas to life and a new vision for the future, participate now!


If you're stuck in job or if your profession is stifling the entrepreneur in you and are convinced that you have an idea that can change the world, take up the design challenge! We think ideas from everywhere are needed to reshape the world we live in. Every bit of everyone’s effort matters if we want to build a cleaner greener future.

So if you're passionate about your idea and have the gumption to withstand an intense diagnosis, take up the massive design challenge.


can change the world ...

Brilliance is not bound by age, profession or background.

We are looking to incubate ideas that can change the world and impact as many lives as possible through our kickstart fund.

Get a kickstart or a chance at incubation. Go Massive!

You might even get a startup funding. 

If you think your idea to make the earth a better place is a stroke of genius and you're ready with the proof of concept or a prototype which is in its testing phase or the market, welcome to the design challenge.


Fresh, youthful new perspectives have the power to be the best solutions to problems that have existed forever. Students have a bigger stake in creating the world they wish to live in and they may know it best.

We want to nurture environment friendly concepts by students looking for small funds and mentoring so that their ideas shape a robust, futuristic landscape.

Think Big, everything is possible.


As citizens of the world it is our duty and responsibility to love and shape the world we live in responsibly. We think entrepreneurs and ideas can come from anywhere at any time.

If your passionate about the environment and have an idea that just needs the right company and resources, we are calling out to you. Own your idea.


Ideas alone don’t make a movement. People do. If you are looking to belong, add to the Massive Movement with your passion, hard-work or contribution. Let’s join hands to make a meaningful difference and help create a better world.

We need you ...

come join us

the massive designathon

If you think you can change the world and are determined to guide it towards a sustainable future by solving it’s massive challenges, GoMassive’s designathon bootcamp is for you.

GoMassive’s designathon bootcamp helps you gain access to:

  • 7 weeks of an intense designathon with one-on-one sessions with leading Entrepreneurs & VCs

  • Workshops on preparing business plans, pitching your startup with a chance to receive up to $250,000

  • Workshops to design human-centered interventions that address social, economic and ecological change & a chance to interact with founders, corporate leaders and sector experts

  • Select individuals will receive a Kickstart fund to invest more in the areas of ...

Pollution Management, Agriculture, Water & Sanitation, Built Environments, Renewables, Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage.

If you're hungry ...

...and want to take on these massive challenges to make your dreams real.

If you think you have the idea that can be the difference between the indifference, then ...

...apply for the goMassive designathon bootcamp today!





Water &






EV's &
Energy Storage


Dipendra S Baoni 

Payal Bhattar

Ramendra Baoni 

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist

Shailesh Vickram Singh

Wasim Khan

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